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At Kage Design Group we believe that good design can be the most effective way to enrich people's lives.  Our concepts evolve from the unique conditions that each project presents. As a full service licensed Architecture / Interior Design firm, we place our focus on creation at the intersection of art and function. It is our mission to deliver an innovative product that embraces efficient, practical, creative solutions with a focus on genuinely understanding each client’s needs. Our architects and interior designers work closely together to combine their talents, expertise, skills and resources in an effort to provide our clientele with a well rounded, quality product.



Karolina J. Negreira

Principal Designer

Karolina is a​ European-cultivated designer with over a decade of combined high-end American and European design experience. She can create the lasting spirit of classic and modern Europe as well as the boasting luxury of American transitional design. Karolina's extensive skill sets result from her experience in working on renowned hospitality, yacht, and high-end residential projects. Her rigorous but yet artistic approach to interior design is evident in the work she creates both in the United States and over seas.

Gerardo Negreira, RA

Principal Architect

Gerardo is a Florida licensed Architect with a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois. He has over a decade of experience with both residential and commercial work in production, design, and managment of high end quality designs while working for three of the nation's most esteemed luxury home builders. Gerardo has created and managed some of the regions top selling designs as Architect of record for communities in Naples, Fort Myers and Jacksonville, Florida. His experience ​with mass-production typologies and custom home designs opens a wide verity of options to Kage Design Group's clientele.

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